Friday, October 25, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dysmorfic / Repulsione (Agromosh / regular art run)

Dysmorfic / Repulsione (from: Italy, Just finished up their Rettifica A Ovest / Grinding Out West ~ 2013 - Tour and they have some stock left over from their West Coast gigs. They still have some limited edition art copies along with their regular run on Agromosh Records. Above is the regular Art run

Dysmorfic / Repulsione 7" split (w/ LIMITED edition TOUR ART)

Dysmorfic Grindcore and Repulsione 
split 7" on Agromosh Records

(Limited Edition / Tour Art: Rettifica A Ovest . Grinding Out West / 2013)

You can also get Dysmorfic/Repulsione 7" split from the bands directly if you prefer