Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friday, Sept. 16 @ The Dome ... The Dwarves in Bakersfield w/ Meth Leppard and more...

If you do not know about the Dwarves one must ask him/herself where the fuck you been hiding? Legends however you wanna calculate their legend-dom. So local metal slaying gnar, Meth Leppard, will be the special guest that night including: Carcinogenz, Leeches, and Bedlam. Tickets are available through the promoter or at the door. Information and numbers on the flyer. Cheers! Go to this...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

August 20th ... a sample of what you would experience LIVE at SWEET SPRINGS

So a killer show has been lined up @ Sweet Springs in Los Osos, CA: Local slaying agents of doom, Meth Leppard with an allstar line up. Everyone is so good there are no fucking headliners for this date. Yes, that fucking good. Here is sample, below, a tease if you will, a tickle, of what is in store for the always overcast community known as Los Osos. These bands will bring their brand of fun, shamelessness, irreverance, drunkenness, and swagger with complete disregard for what you think or hold near and dear to your heart. True artists. Artists my friends, Per-Form-Ance Artists, in yer face fun...so go. Those that do not know...now you know. Those of you that do know are fucking happy this will be going on in our community. If you are afraid just come anyway pay the guy at the door...Here's the deal you need to come down and wash that clean off yer body and get dirty with the gutteral noise burps these artists have to offer...Oh yeah, baby. I just said "Gutteral noise burps," and you got wet. Eat The Living while riding a Meth Leppard wearing no PANTIES with a KNIFETHRUHEAD.

August 20th
21+, under 10 dollars
8p in Los Osos, CA

Meth Leppard -

Eat The Living-

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Flyer: August 20th @ Sweet Springs in Los Osos, CA w/ METH LEPPARD, EAT THE LIVING, KNIFETHRUHEAD, & PANTIES ... 21+

Newest flyer for Meth Leppard on August 20th @ Sweet Springs in Los Osos which is a 21+ event. This bill is a class act of shameless hardcore fun...you WILL be sad if you miss this. Meth Leppard local dudes if you haven't heard go check them out you ass. $7 friggen bucks. Oh, yeah did I neglect to mention that EAT THE LIVING will be at this gig. Um, KNIFETHRUHEAD and PANTIES all, yes, all, on one fucking bill. *Poster also includes inverted disclaimer to all you prudes. More later. Cya! Go to this....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meth Leppard on Friday, May 27th, 2011 @ Sweet Springs Saloon...Blind Willies & This in Santa Margarita, May 27th and Pedal To Paella lll Sunday, 29th

Friday, May 27th, 2011 @ Sweet Springs Saloon ~ Meth Leppard, Ogoun, and Altercation brought their own version of the rapture through their take on rock-n-roll. I was unable to attend this rapture blasted show. But here is one of the versions of the flyer for that show.

I had my own show going on 21.9 miles away in a backyard known as the Peace Sign House in Santa Margarita, CA ~ Blind Willies and THIS came to quell our live music fix and both did not disappoint. I believe everyone had a good time...at least I did. Our party was a pizza potluck where you bring an ingredient(s) to share to make the pizza go further. We cooked twenty plus pizza's and panicked and made more dough, which we ultimately did not need. Phew!
Here is the flyer for the Peace Sign House on Friday, May 27th, 2011...in Santa Margarita, CA. Also some pictures from the evening. Photographs taken by: Kenny McCarthy & Video's taken by: (me)

Sunday, May 29th @ The Educated Gardener in Santa Margarita we celebrated Bike Month with the Third Annual Pedal To Paella. Thanks in advance to Regional Ride Share for granting Tom Smith grant money to cover food and other expenses. Also thank you to the Bicycle Coalition of SLO. Both organizations do a lot for the community throughout the year. When Bike Month, May, comes around everyone hustles. So, what is Pedal To Paella? Well the idea originated from Tom Smith local Santa Margaritan, fellow bike enthusiast, and all around fun guy. He thought it would be fun to have a family event that was all ages friendly that included a bike ride through our small town and then enjoy mass amounts of Paella. The entry fee is your bike, and an ingredient(s) for the Paella, or one or the other. Then of course there is live music, this is where I come in, and we have music throughout the eating frenzy. In short Pedal To Paella is a bike ride, paella/food potluck frenzy, live local music, and community. All of this, of course, takes place at, Tom & Simone's lovely nursery, The Educated Gardener - 22210 El Camino Real . Santa Margarita, CA 93453. The party does not just happen. Food does not just automatically appear. There is a lot of preparation, cleaning, detailing, and organizing that goes on behind the scenes. Which by the time everyone arrives is often missed. So I wanna thank Tom and Simone to start with and thank them for letting me be a part of such an event and for letting me book the music for the past three years. Pedal To Paella is a fun event indeed. Also, Mark, Kim (who usually helps but was sick this year), Gilbert, Jan, and my lovely wife Juliane. We all arrived at the nursery this year at 9am. We moved plants, potted plants, weed around nursery, weed eater everywhere, shovel, lift, hoist, move, push, climb ladders, clean, lights, lights, lights, P/A, scrub, setup, make fire, and this year we had two hours or so to kill. We were way ahead of schedule. Yay for us.

The past two years the Pedal to Paella band was Bad Assets, high energy straight forward no punches pulled Rawk-N-Roll. Deathbear. Deathbear. Deathbear. Was one of this years bands. They got up on stage and going on after filling their bellies full of paella and beer. Deathbear, our, one of our local favorite's, at least in my mind, a very solid, tight, and very fun band named so they draw you in and scare you with their talent at the same time. Hell their own sounds like description on myspace is "Someone putting a screwdriver in a pencil sharpener." Ha, ha, ha. Well I find that funny other people might be disgusted or annoyed with pinched face. Oh, well you cannot please them all can you. Um that is a big NOPE. It kinda reminds of the person that night that gave me their opinion of the music, um, they said "The music needs to be more tranquil to go with the setting." *%$#. I mean who says that when you get to eat for basically free, and drink for free by the time everybody brings stuff to share. First off, everyone had fun, and I did not ask for your opinion, second, it is our party, our labor of love, and for the most part free for you. This party isn't a spa it is a party. Next time stay in your backyard and Enya it up and have a tranquil good time. I bet this person didn't bring an ingredient or ride their bike or donate to the bands, to Pedal To Paella, or anything to help out in the future for a local community event. Deathbear are Expat Records LLC., recording artist's and they hit us with their brand of pop/rock like putting a screwdriver in a pencil sharpener, complete with Thin Lizzy cover, and ending their set with the Golden Girls theme song 'Thank You For Being A Friend.' The second band...I honestly did not know what to think or expect when I asked Hawkins Chemical Table to play. Needless to say, they were seriously funny in a Devo / Angry Samoans / The Monks with a trumpet kind of way. They were hilariously wonderful. This is an invite Hawkins Chemical Table, seriously, you can play our dog's queencinera anytime and we will stare at the Quaker Oats man together, get bad haircuts, drink Gatorade because it will be in us and do each other all night long cuz that is how boys are. Hawkins Chemical Table has an eight song demo out called 'So_________It Hurts.' Look them up on Facebook, the two previous links, there is an address you can order from and the damn thing is only $3.00. Support local music people. Support local art. Support, Support, Support. Both bands were a lot of fun and both bands very into what they were doing and doing it well. I know I have already hugged them, shook their hands, stepped on their toes in the process. However, thank you again to both bands. Seriously good times. Hey and guess what the bands were not doing covers they were doing their own thing. They were being young, creative, and unique. I would not have it any other way. I hope I am still booking bands, of this caliber, in this fashion when I am 70, and when I die I hope Meth Leppard, High On Fire, Flipper, Deathbear, Bad Brains, Hawkins Chemical Table, DUB-ROBOT, and Motorhead are playing, full volume, in the background with everyone drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes enjoying themselves. This last weekend was fun. Looking forward to Pedal To Paella IV.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blind Willies, THIS, and a Pizza Potluck In Santa Margarita, CA @ the Peace Sign House

So folks tomorrow Friday, May 27th @ the Peace Sign house in Santa Margarita, CA we will feature two extraordinary music treats. First from San Francisco Blind Willies and then a local artist, Austin Atiyeh, who goes by: THIS.

We will be having a Pizza Potluck. What does that mean? Well if you are interested in coming to this bring your favorite pizza ingredient(s), the dough will already be made and we enjoy home made pizza's throughout the night, live music, and good company. All in the name of fun! Also please bring your own beverages and a suggested donation of $5.00 for the traveling band.

We hope to see you here in Santa Margarita, CA tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meth Leppard On the Move ... blessing those that want to partake in their merry mayhem!!!

Flyers I have completed recently for Meth Leppard. So if you want to have flyers done for you upstart band. Get a hold of me I am fair to fit your budget...which I understand is next to nothing or not much. I can also do logos, T-Shirt designs, stickers, and patches. Again let me know what you want I will be fair.

Meth Leppard is one of Santa Maria/San Luis Obispo's, 805, finest bands...they have a show, talking to you locals, this weekend in Lompoc, CA at the Wicked Shamrock ... May 21, 2011 Adolescent's, Radio Grenade, SP&C, and METH LEPPARD @ 8p, 21+, $15 day of, $12 presale.

Meth Leppard also has a date the following week, May 27th a Friday, another local event @ Sweet Springs in Los Osos, CA for $7.00, 8:00p, and 21+. Featuring: Ogoun, METH LEPPARD, & Altercation a heavy night of wonderful thrash, metal, and general goodness.

Meth Leppard has shows lined up for a while now and are movin and groovin folks. The guys are preaching the Meth Leppard gospel and leaving a wake of blown minds. So now this brings me to Saturday, June 25th @ Breakwall Bar & Grill in Redondo Beach, CA. 8p, $7.00, 21+ The Methy guys will be with: BLACK FAG, METH LEPPARD, TALL CANS & TEENAGE SEX, and The Vice Five. So if you live down that way and are reading this, for some reason, fucking go! Here are the flyers I have done for them:

Look up Meth Leppard on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace and here!
Check them out!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunday, May 8th ... Santa Margarita, CA . April Showers Bring May Flowers

Mother's Day was this past Sunday, I called my mom early and sang her a song onto her voice mail at home "Happy Mother's Day to you. Happy Mother's Day to you. Happy Mother's Day because your my mom. Happy Mother's Day to you." Then she picked up the phone and laughed. My mom is cool. So last Sunday, May 8th my wife and I had a backyard party. We called it April Showers Bring May Flowers, had a Taco Potluck, invited the locals and beyond over some brought food, and beer others did not but it was fun. Plenty fun. Taco's are great with music, community, beer, and tequila. We had them all. The music we had at our place was three bands one local band that goes by The Marquees, the second from Portland, Oregon and they go by The Bugs ~ Hovercraft Records, and Thee Headliners ~ Starcleaner Records, also from Portland. May 8th, Mother's Day, April Showers Bring May Flowers, backyard party in Santa Margarita, CA, was The Bugs, and Thee Headliners last day on their: Double Double Trouble CA/AZ Two-ER 2011 Tour, and they did not hold back at all, dammit.


The way the morning broke was unusually cold, for May, and so I was getting worried that maybe no one would show. The evening was started off right with preparation, emails, texts and then people started to trickle in with taco fixens, final preparations were made, shopping, more beer, more food, and so on. By the way my wife is the most awesome woman and hostess and together we have wonderful parties. She did a lot of food preparation, she also made sure that the mixed drinks were, um, properly mixed. She is the greatest damn bartender in the world. Together we hustled all day. Taco's in hand, check. Beer in other hand, check. A quick soundcheck for the first band, The Marquees. Then it was rock and roll central. The Marquee's got everyone amped, in the mood, pumped, and sonically lubed for what was to come later in the evening. The Marquee's are from San Luis Obispo, CA and reside in Nipomo, CA. The band consists of: Jason Lee-Drums/Vocals, Garland Lee-Guitar/Vocals, Rachel Owens-Bass/Vocals, and William Mendez-Guitar/Vocals and according to their myspace bio they have been playing music since the age of 15. They played for about a half an hour and rawked.

The Bugs from Portland, Oregon followed The Marquee's. (*Disclaimer: the sun was going down fast. The video I took is not so great, however, the sound is not terrible through the iPhone. Basically new to the phone and fiddling. Not patient, or too buzzed and in the moment I did not look through or scroll through my options. So The Bugs and Thee Headliners, sad but true, mostly ghostly silhouette's.) I apologize and will work on my iPhone skills for future posts, or be more patient, or drink less while operating slick technology.

Okay, The, freaking, Bugs. One word: Bad ASS duo! Okay that is two words but it should be one word. This Ain't Rocket Science folks this is Bad ASS-ness ... really! Really? The Bugs rocking and rolling in my backyard on Mother's Day? Eating taco's, and drinking enjoying The Bugs sound reminded me of Devo some of the time and Angry Samoans or Modern Lovers. Paul Haines and Mike Coumatos are two people aka The Bugs. Check The Bugs out on myspace, youtube, and their record label: Hovercraft Records

The Bugs even did a Pure Country Gold cover, King Cortisone. While you are at it check out Pure Country Gold if you haven't already. Well worth every penny you drop on them.

Thee Headliners were up next and they had plenty of time to put some grub in their bellies and drinks in their gullet's. Holly and JT another sweet Bad ASS duo. Thee Headliner's live show is absolutely amazing. They crank out the freakin jams and JT's blues soaked riffs are beautiful and conjure up ole Beelzebub himself. You can find their stuff on Starcleaner Records and their album Rain & Blood, which came out in 2009. You can also find Thee Headliners on myspace, reverbnation, and so on. Here are some video teases and pics.

After Thee Headliners set Mike, Paul, Holly, and JT were bummed that there was no more beer. I had previously saved and stashed a bunch in my garage beer fridge for our after party debauchery. The evening was filled with laughter and sharing. Good people. Great times. Mike from The Bugs also gave me a Chunk 666 sticker. What can I say I am easy! Best backyard party in a long time.

Woke up the following morning to a wonderful splitting headache. Made coffee, tea, and some breakfast. I really enjoyed the less hectic morning conversations and getting to know these folks. It was nice chillen with them, talking politics, art, music, and whatever else we talked about in our morning hangover. Juliane and I have many new contacts in the Portland, OR area and I hope we can get up there soon and hang out with everyone.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

MOSES, HANDLEBARZ, & METH LEPPARD...Friday, May 13th 2011

Friday, May 13th @ Audie's Olympic in Fresno a powerhouse of a line up is stacked to wreak havoc on you, and to melt your pretty little head. 21 and over and the admission is $6.66 ... 1426 N. Van Ness . Fresno, CA 93728

Here are two variations for the same show that I did. This will be awesome.

*Moses, by the way, is one of the heaviest freakin bands.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Santa Margarita shows ~ 2011

Now that winter, it seems, has finally passed and we are working our way to the middle of May. Here are some fun things for the San Luis Obispo County residents to attend.

This Sunday, May 8th ~ April Showers Bring May Flowers w/ Thee Headliners (portland)The Bugs (portland) & The Marquee's (slo) All Ages, Taco Potluck (Bring Taco Fixens), Bring your own beverages also. $5.00 suggested donation for the touring bands ... show starts @ 7p to 10p

Friday, May 27th @ The Peace Sign House / Pizza Potluck, in Santa Margarita, CA ~ 6p to 10p featuring music by: Blind Willies *w/ Misha from Rupa & The April Fishes (san francisco) & THIS (slo) ... All AGES!!! $5.00 suggested donation...also bring a pizza topping(s), and bring your own drinks to consume.

May is Bike Month and we do it up right here in Santa Margarita, CA thanks to Tom & Simone Smith, and the Educated Gardener for creating and providing a place for Pedal To Paella party. This year will be Pedal To Paella lll. Yes, folks #3! This will go from 6p to 10p...Bring a bike, meet at the Santa Margarita park. Tom Smith master of ceremonies and Pedal leader will send us bicyclists off proper. We will ride around the lovely community of Santa Margarita and wind up at the Educated Gardener (22210 El Camino Real . Santa Margarita, CA 93453
805.438.4250 ... When we arrive at the Educated Gardener there will be Paella for everyone and local music. This year there will be two bands: DEATHBEAR (who just got signed to ex-pat records and recently had album release party at SLO BREW.) & the second band is HAWKINS CHEMICAL TABLE . Come on out and celebrate bikes, music, and food with the lovely community of Santa Margarita, CA!!! ***What to bring? Bring a Paella ingredient: Arborio Rice, Chicken Stock, onions, tomatoes, garlic, scallops, tilapia, broccoli, cauliflower, and so on. Also bring a bike if you want to participate in the bike ride. More information please contact:
Dustin: jdidstuff@hotmail.com