Tuesday, July 19, 2011

August 20th ... a sample of what you would experience LIVE at SWEET SPRINGS

So a killer show has been lined up @ Sweet Springs in Los Osos, CA: Local slaying agents of doom, Meth Leppard with an allstar line up. Everyone is so good there are no fucking headliners for this date. Yes, that fucking good. Here is sample, below, a tease if you will, a tickle, of what is in store for the always overcast community known as Los Osos. These bands will bring their brand of fun, shamelessness, irreverance, drunkenness, and swagger with complete disregard for what you think or hold near and dear to your heart. True artists. Artists my friends, Per-Form-Ance Artists, in yer face fun...so go. Those that do not know...now you know. Those of you that do know are fucking happy this will be going on in our community. If you are afraid just come anyway pay the guy at the door...Here's the deal you need to come down and wash that clean off yer body and get dirty with the gutteral noise burps these artists have to offer...Oh yeah, baby. I just said "Gutteral noise burps," and you got wet. Eat The Living while riding a Meth Leppard wearing no PANTIES with a KNIFETHRUHEAD.

August 20th
21+, under 10 dollars
8p in Los Osos, CA

Meth Leppard -

Eat The Living-